Boktop is a labor of love conceived by two adventurous world travelers. Moonlight and a bottle of wine led them to the large boulder that is now the centerpiece of the house and they immediately knew their destiny.   The home was designed to celebrate the natural environment and because the hillside was once home to a multitude of wandering goats, so came the name: “Bok”  (Dutch for  “billy goat),” and “top” literally means “on top of a hill.” Constructed in classic Frank-Lloyd-Wright style, Boktop was built into the natural elements around it, with each piece of the house seeking the never-ending views that had endeared the site to its creators.  Lovely, hand-carved doors are found throughout the home , each a singular and inspiring representation of early 20th century Suriname Maroon-Community storytelling artistry in wood.


We have strived to meticulously maintain Boktop as it was originally conceived.  The house has no air conditioning, as each room was designed to open to the prevailing Westerlies that sweep up from the ocean and naturally keep the house temperate.  Cable television, wireless Internet, and a cell-phone are provided during your stay. A personal DVD player, a small DVD/board-game/reading library, and IPod-compatible stereo-systems, washer/dryer and all the usual amenities are also provided.


We are constantly working to reduce our impact on this beautiful island.  Boktop captures rainfall from each rooftop, terrace and walkway and funnels it to a series of cisterns for purification and re-use.  Our wastewater is purified and recycled to water the gardens.  As rainfall varies depending upon the season,  we strive to create a comfortable awareness of water and energy usage.  Boktop is developing plans to use solar and/or wind technology to fully power the home in the future.  We heartily encourage all guests to join us in our efforts to re-set global standards of energy and resource use.